Will the Home Appraiser Shortage Wreck Your Home-Buying Dreams? Not If You Read This

Get ready to hurry up and wait, home buyers! Even if you’ve found your dream home, made an offer that’s been accepted, and passed that critical home inspection hurdle, there’s something major happening in the housing industry that, oh so quietly, could grind the last mile of your home-buying marathon to a screeching halt. The culprit: a home appraiser shortage. A …

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Selling a Condo…must read!

As always, should you have any questions regarding any of thQuestion: I am buying a condominium and have heard there is mandatory seller disclosure. Can you explain? Answer: Florida’s legislature apparently believes condominium buyers require special attention. The legislature confirms that position through Section 718.503, Florida Statutes. That statute addresses developer disclosure, non-developer disclosure and …

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What Buyers like to know!

6 Common Buyer Questions for Sellers Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, June 14, 2016 Home buyers want to know specifics about the homes that pique their interest. So be proactive and address their questions upfront by finding the answers to some of the following questions from your sellers before you list. 1. How old …

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Energy Savers

Save more energy in your home What are your energy dollars buying you each month? Our interactive house helps you visualize how much money is being spent in each room of your home. View our interactive house for: A room-by-room energy guide Tips on how to reduce energy usage on certain products Ways to cut …

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The do’s and don’ts of service animals By Margy Grant July 4, 2016 — When a buyer turns out to be a cash buyer, that’s usually a plus in a transaction. At least, that’s what one Realtor thought when she started working with a buyer who had just completed a tour in the Army. The …

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Blog Post 2

Rental properties and foreclosure By Meredith Caruso July 4, 2016 — Has one of the tenants you helped place in a rental received a notice of foreclosure? Do the tenants have to vacate the home they rented? Assuming there was an actual judgment of foreclosure entered against the original homeowner, the tenants may have to …

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